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A prophecy foreseen centuries ago. 

Powerful love written in the stars.

One woman destined for it all.  

Tiana is an elemental fae who has the ability to control all five of the Earth’s elements, but all she’s ever wanted is to have a normal life. Because of this, she has spent her entire existence avoiding the High Fae Academy for gifted supernaturals. 


After a successful twenty-one years of avoidance, a prophecy describing the next Great War leads academy recruiter Orin to her home. He offers her a new start, an explanation, and training for her wayward power. Tiana can’t help but accept when she feels a draw toward him that leaves her breathless. 


Little does she know that her powers are more than anyone had bargained for. 

Arctic Hunter: Wolf Shifters Year One


From the world of High Fae Academy comes the first in the Arctic Shifter novella series.

Ashe has lived an isolated, quiet life taking care of her twin sisters within their cabin in the woods. They are arctic wolf shifters, the rarest and most sought after lineage in the paranormal world. While their family was once the ruling alpha pack, an uprising uprooted them and landed them in the Great Woods. Shortly after, their parents vanished, leaving Ashe to care for her sisters and to ensure they're never found.

Yet her naïve sisters refuse to be kept isolated, enrolling themselves and Ashe into the High Fae Academy for gifted supernaturals without her knowledge. Now, Ashe must navigate the politics of the academy shifter packs all while dealing with mean girls, sinfully sexy males, and her inner demons.

Will Ashe be successful in protecting all that she holds dear


The History of Us


Imara Dreadski had a story to tell—an unlikely one, a romantic one, a secret one.
Shortly after turning twenty, she had up and vanished, leaving nothing but spinning rumors behind that spoke of love and destruction. As soon as stamped letters with no return address started arriving on her best friends’ doorstep, the tale began to unravel in a way no one had ever expected.

Imara had had an affair with the crown prince, and her best friend Amy was the only other living person to know about it.

In this charming and lovely debut novel, Imara’s story unfolds in a multi-point of view story—from the future, in a series of letters to her best friend and from the past, which follows the true, untold story of a great whirling love that doesn’t end in a happily ever after.



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