High Fae Academy


Prophecies suck and being the "chosen one"? It's not all it's cracked up to be.

I was happy living my simple human life, but--as a Halfling--I can only pretend to be normal for so long. I never had any interest in attending the High Fae Academy for Gifted Supernaturals, but avoidance can only get you so far.

Sure, student life isn't all terrible. I have five sexy Fae males who all want a piece of me. The only downfall is that I have to choose between them. Not. Easy. Especially when my magic isn't making my decision any easier. I can control all five elements, and the guys? Well... each facet of my magic draws me to a specific man--to the element's perfect match.

According to some prophecy I've never even heard, I'm destined to end the war between the Light and Dark Fae. Me. A half human.

I'm about to set off on a dangerous and sexy ride that is supposed to bring peace to a war ravaged world all while maintaining a decent grade point average.

No pressure, right? Wrong.

I could not get enough of this book. From the beginning until the end, I couldn't put it down. I desperately need the next book. A definite must read for any paranormal lover. 

I loved it entirely, so I can only say this book is like a breath of fresh air in the academy books. 

The story is amazoning and keeps the reader interested. I actually had to go to bed because I couldn't keep my eyes open while reading otherwise I would've kept reading.

- GoodReads Reviewers



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