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High Fae Academy - 1 - Kaylin Peyerk - 9

High Fae Academy


Prophecies suck and being the "chosen one"? It's not all it's cracked up to be.

I was happy living my simple human life, but--as a Halfling--I can only pretend to be normal for so long. I never had any interest in attending the High Fae Academy for Gifted Supernaturals, but avoidance can only get you so far.

Sure, student life isn't all terrible. I have five sexy Fae males who all want a piece of me. The only downfall is that I have to choose between them. Not. Easy. Especially when my magic isn't making my decision any easier. I can control all five elements and the guys? Well... each facet of my magic draws me to a specific man--to the element's perfect match.

According to some prophecy I've never even heard, I'm destined to end the war between the Light and Dark Fae. Me. A half human.

I'm about to set off on a dangerous and sexy ride that is supposed to bring peace to a war ravaged world all while maintaining a decent grade point average.

No pressure, right? Wrong.

I could not get enough of this book. From the beginning until the end, I couldn't put it down. I desperately need the next book. A definite must read for any paranormal lover. 

I loved it entirely, so I can only say this book is like a breath of fresh air in the academy books. 

The story is amazoning and keeps the reader interested. I actually had to go to bed because I couldn't keep my eyes open while reading otherwise I would've kept reading.

- GoodReads Reviewers

Stolen by Her Wolves


As one of the final surviving members of a brutal shifter clan, I've been chained and imprisoned for my entire life by my human uncle for the sole purpose of keeping other humans safe from me.

At least that's his excuse.

Solitude and pain are all I've known, so when four men show up claiming to be my saviors I'm not exactly receptive to the idea. Sure, I'm grateful that they've busted me out of my own personal brand of hell, but that's about as far as the gratitude goes. Now I have no money, no pack, and nowhere to go unless I take them up on their offer to transport me safely to Newhaven, a sanctuary for omega wolves deep in the woodlands of Alaska. With no other choice left, I take it while vowing to keep my distance for the week-long trip. But as time passes my guard falls, leaving me conflicted and suddenly vulnerable to the charismatically handsome group of men.

Will I make it to Wolfhaven without falling for them, and do I really want to?

stolen by her wolves.jpg

Mayhem in Hell


I was supposed to die and go to heaven, too bad I ended up in hell.

Everyone wants to end up standing at the gates of Heaven, but I took a ninety-degree turn into Hell after my fatal car accident, waking up in a dark room with no one and nothing around me except for Adonis, the cheeky third prince of Hell with a killer smile, to tell me all about my impending judgment day.

Next thing I know I'm surrounded by not one, but three demon lords and their father Lucifer Morningstar. Each of them calls to me on a level I've never felt before, and when it's revealed just how deep the connection goes, it turns out that we'd all do anything to get rid of this curse. . . all the while I might be falling for them in the process.

So these days I've been thinking. . . What's the use in being good when it's so fun to be bad?

Bound in Death

When Diana of the cursed house Bellatrix loses her life, she’s forced to admit to the King of the Underworld that she had not become the hero she promised him.

He did not rage, nor smite her soul where she stood. The king’s only demand for resurrection was her attendance at Afterlife Academy, a rehabilitation center for failed heroes of history. A place where she can learn to control her destructive, blood-thirsty power. As she adapts to her new home, she unexpectedly encounters a Godchild of Mars known as Calix. His soft smiles and carefree laughter fill her chest with a warmth she has never known.  

One that will come to haunt her as she embarks on a journey to discover the truth of her cursed bloodline. The untold story of two people gripped by the warring hands of fate and love. One that proves the attraction she harbors toward Calix could have drastic consequences.

A new adult fantasy reminiscent of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Mass and The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, Bound in Death explores true love and its limits.

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