High Fae Academy


My debut medium burn paranormal romance series High Fae Academy will hit the Kindle store in early November of 2019. 

A prophecy foreseen centuries ago. 

Powerful love written in the stars.

One woman destined for it all.  


Tiana is an elemental fae who has the ability to control all five of the Earth’s elements, but all she’s ever wanted is to have a normal life. Because of this, she has spent her entire existence avoiding the High Fae Academy for gifted supernaturals. 


After a successful twenty-one years of avoidance, a prophecy describing the next Great War leads academy recruiter Orin to her home. He offers her a new start, an explanation, and training for her wayward power. Tiana can’t help but accept when she feels a draw toward him that leaves her breathless. 


Little does she know that her powers are more than anyone had bargained for. 

I could not get enough of this book. From the beginning until the end, I couldn't put it down. I desperately need the next book. A definite must read for any paranormal lover. 

I loved it entirely, so I can only say this book is like a breath of fresh air in the academy books. 

The story is amazoning and keeps the reader interested. I actually had to go to bed because I couldn't keep my eyes open while reading otherwise I would've kept reading.

- GoodReads Reviewers



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